We have the greatest experience with halls built using steel prefabricated structures. It is proven by a number of buildings ranging from smaller shelters to hangars at Ruzyně Airport. Steel is the matter of our heart and we believe in its wide use.

Who is it suitable for?

You can decide on this construction at the moment, if you need an undemanding construction in terms of function or fire resistance. This is a relatively clear choice in the case of storage. You choose the type of cladding - the least demanding tarpaulin in case you do not need to heat the object or otherwise sandwich panels. In the case of a tarpaulin hall, there is no need for daylighting and many design details, which makes it a popular TOP product for both us and customers.

What are its advantages and disadvantages?

Steel constructions are characterized by high manufacturing precision, simple assembly and therefore fast assembly. Their dismountability and reassembly in case of need to relocate production or storage to another place are likeable. We always supply the steel structure in a 100 micron coating ral shade, but we are also able to supply it in galvanized steel. Our company has a certificate of fire coating and thanks to this we are able to meet the conditions of fire protection and we get with fire protection design up to 30 minutes, which often meets the requirements of firefighters. Thanks to all these factors, the steel structure becomes less economically demanding than the reinforced concrete structure. The disadvantage of the steel structure is that it does not meet more than 30 minutes of fire resistance and thus it is not compliant for residential buildings, office buildings, etc. Another disadvantage in case of mechanical damage of the paint is the necessity of its renewal.