Our company supplies reinforced concrete structures for various types of halls, according to the needs of designers and investors. The most common form of construction is prefabricated reinforced concrete skeleton.

Who is it suitable for?

It is a suitable solution for industrial construction and all commercial buildings. The structure can be combined with different types of cladding - from our experience especially with sandwich panels. The roof stack is nowadays a relatively frequent composition of trapezoidal sheet metal with insulation - placed on reinforced concrete trusses. We have experience with the roof made of sandwich panels in combination with the laying of waterproofing foil.

What are its advantages and disadvantages?

Advantages of reinforced concrete include mainly freedom in the shape of the building and also variability of space. In the case of prefabricated construction, it saves us so much valuable time on site. An important feature is higher fire resistance compared to other types of structures. In the case of all-reinforced concrete construction, we get excellent insulating qualities.

During the implementation we cooperate with proven suppliers who design the construction to the project. Prefabricated constructions can be supplied from foundation elements, from staircase to ceiling panels - "spirolls". 

The disadvantage is the higher price for the overall construction and the impossibility of dismantling compared with the steel construction. Furthermore, in the case of larger spans, the reinforced concrete structure becomes uneconomical and in such cases we also choose a steel structure.