Are there any hall accessories ?

The delivery of the hall consists of course of design and implementation of tinsmith components, gutter system or windows and doors according to your needs. We also supply a wide range of technological equipment from electrical installations to overhead cranes. Take a look at our references, where the hall accessories are designed to fit the specific projects.

What kind of material can be used for sheathing the hall ?

We offer sheathing for prefabricated halls according to your demands. The project and sheathing of the hall is always designed for the specific purpose of the building. Possibilities of material solution of insulated panels are very wide nowadays, we divide roof and wall panels. The roof panels are designed as ribbed for good rainwater drain. For tarpaulin halls we use Mehler Texnologies PVC fabric, type 8540 with a weight of 900 g/m2, in white colour.

Is it possible to move a production hall?

We know that business is developing flexibly, and sometimes it may be necessary to relocate it. Prefabricated halls are ideal for such a situation. Prefabricated halls sheathed with tarpaulin allow quick assembly and thanks to the tarpaulin properties they allow an easy dismantling and subsequent re-assembly. Other types of sheathing will need a new tinsmith elements to be produced.


What is the delivery time of the hall?

Individual calculation is always essential. In order to realize the construction according to your needs, it is necessary to know the conditions of the area. Tarpaulin halls with an area of ​​up to 1,000 m2 can be delivered within 6 weeks and halls with an area of ​​up to 500 m2 you can use within 4 weeks. The realization of a production or insulated hall sheated with insulated PUR panels depends on local conditions.

What are the foundations for hall construction?

We basically design the substructure and foundation structures according to the type of hall and subsoil in the construction site. We will prepare an optimal solution based on your needs. Tarpaulin halls can be built on a sufficiently bearing base when using foot supports. For steel halls it is necessary to use foundation footings, strip foundations or piles foundations.



Do I need a building permit for the hall?

Yes, you need to obtain a building permit before any construction begins. In the projects section you will find that the whole process has several parts that we will be happy to help you with. We select designers on the basis of common experience, their capacity and possibly also from a regional perspective. The range and time required for planning a building permit depends on the size of the building.

Is it possible to extend or shorten the hall?

Yes, the hall´s lenght can be changed. Ideally, this situation is foreseen from the beginning and the construction is ready for it. The first and last frame of the structure is usually weaker, so it has to be replaced with a stronger one and the outer frame is moved back to the extreme position. As with all constructions, it is important to observe the possibility of different settlement of the building - it must be ensured that the subsoil is as compacted as under the existing hall. In terms of sheathing the tarpaulin hall is the easiest to extend.

What is the life service of a PVC tarpaulin sheathing?

In terms of ideal conditions and proper maintenance, the tarpaulin can be used up to 15 years.

What kind of foundations is necessary for PVC tarpaulin / trapezoidal or insulated hall?

There are situations where existing paved areas can be used if they are assessed as sufficient. For smaller tarpaulins, this is also a cost-effective solution. We can find a few of these in our references. For most buildings, however, it is necessary to have a substructure design based on the overall project, where according to specified conditions it is necessary to base the construction on footings or piles. It is possible to arrange the delivery of only the superstructure (everything above the ground) - the implementation of foundations, including the floor you can ensure by yourself.

How to repair PVC tarpaulin in case of damage?

In case of tarpaulin damage by rupture - abrasion, a patch is created and the place is then welded.


How many pieces does the tarpaulin consist of?

The tarpaulin sheathing consists of several pieces - the roof and sides are from one whole, the shields are divided. Everything follows the procedure of sheathing the hall.

What are the thermal properties of PVC tarpaulin?

If you choose a tarpaulin hall for your business, you have to assume unfavorable temperatures. PVC tarpaulin will prevent wind and rain but not bad temperatures. This can be partially eliminated by a heating solution that will help in shorter periods. Heating in the long term would be very uneconomical.


The tarpaulin itself is resistant to temperatures of - 40 ° C to 70 ° C

What is the fire resistance of PVC tarpaulin sheathing?

PVC tarpaulin sheathing is classified by reaction to fire as: EN 13501-1: B-s3-d0. This type of sheathing is not permitted in cramped space or when unsuitable material is stored. Everything will follow the report of the fire safety solutions prepared by the engineer of this profession. It is ideal to discuss the situation with an expert before starting the planning of the project to have an idea of ​​the real construction costs. If according to the principles of the fire safety solutions the PVC tarpaulin is not suitable as a sheathing, the trapezoidal sheathing can be used etc., but then the construction costs usually increase.

Can condensation occur in the hall?

If the hall is equipped with ventilators and side vents, air will circulate and condensation will not occur.